Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Art

I felt somewhat inspired today since it was International Babylost Mother's Day.  I finished my painting and sketched the beginning of my tattoo idea.  I really wanted to get a tattoo today or start a memorial tattoo for Silas, but Nate wasn't up for it and I didn't want to go by myself so I drew something up.  Daffodils are his birth month flower.


  1. Just beautiful. So glad you did something special.

  2. Wow, International Babylost Mother's Day? That must have been difficult but at the same time comforting...I am glad there is an official day that recognizes all mothers who have shared pain like yours. Your artwork is beautiful--so sweet in a way--and I think a daffodil tattoo to keep Silas's memory alive is a neat idea. Definitely show me when you get it :)

  3. You have many artists in your family and your unrefined talent does shine through. With some focus you could become a true proficient if not an inspired artist! I like the daffodils....and the moonlit night is provocative too! Art cannot really be judged and I am glad to see you putting yourself out there with your art! I am feeling better but I have stopped reaching for babies, I realized it is partly due to what could I say.... such a beautiful baby...I lost my grandchild in March...or such a sweet baby my grandchild would have been just as sweet I am sure...but he died! So babies pass me by and instead of reaching out, I cover my tears....