Expression through Art

Inspired by another babylost mom

My Heart

 Although my baby is no longer in my womb or in my arms, he will forever be in my heart


How does life still go on?
How can I still breathe?
The world seems so meaningless, so senseless
Babies aren't supposed to die
My baby isn't suppose to die
not before me
not before he even took his first breath

The Garden

I  have been searching for ways to "mother" my son in his physical absence and found creating a garden and tending to it is a way to nurture him and/or his memory.  It is way a to feel close to him when I can't hold him in my arms.

Missing a Piece of My Soul

People say I am strong
but I have never felt so weak
I feel hollow, just an empty shell
anger courses through me so profound
I want to kick and punch, scream and yell
Why me, why us, this is so unfair

These tears forever stain my cheek
the pain grows stronger week by week
My baby's eyes I will never see
But his beautiful memory I will always carry with me

Piece by piece I will be restored
my hollow body will someday be whole
though never will I be the same
always missing a piece of my soul

(soon after my loss)

this depicts the scary journey into the darkness of my grief.  The illuminating moon is Silas shining a small light to help guide me through.

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  1. As you know, I LOVE these pieces, especially the garden creative and rich with meaning. I hope you continue to foster this new outlet. (And I adore the little watering can :)